About Us

Altona Evangelical Church

We are a bible-based evangelical church located in the southwestern suburbs of Melbourne. We believe that the Bible is God's inspired word, without error, sufficient in all matters of faith and conduct, and relevant for today. Each week, the Bible is taught verse-by-verse, with clarity and a practical application for daily living today.

Our Story

In November 1968, twelve people met to discuss the possibility of forming a church in the new suburb of Altona Meadows, just bare paddocks at the time. In 1971, a block of land designated as a church site became available and was purchased. Initially meeting in temporary facilities, the church grew rapidly with thriving adult and children's ministries. However, it wasn't until the 90's that the site could be developed and plans progressed. The church building was progressively constructed as funds became available, and finally completed in 2002.

Today, Altona Evangelical Church is a growing community that stands on the truth of God's Word, a place where the Gospel is proclaimed, the Bible is studied, the truths of Scripture are taught and where Christians may fellowship and reach the community around them with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Pastor

Michael Nyhuis


Born and raised in Melbourne, Michael has a passion for studying the Bible, expository preaching, and equipping the church for the work of ministry. Prior to following the call to ministry, Michael ran a successful management consulting practice for 16 years, specialising in governance, risk and compliance. In his 'spare time' he enjoys reading, music (playing the saxophone and electronic wind instruments), hiking, cycling and some amateur photography and astronomy (admiring God's amazing creation, both near and far).

Michael is married to Dee - born in Sri Lanka and raised in Canberra, she was saved by Christ out of Buddhism at University and shares Michael's passion for diligently studying the Word of God.



adjective -    a Christian church that believes:

  1. the Bible as God's Word and the sole source of religious authority;
  2. the Gospel as the good news of salvation in Jesus, by grace through faith alone; and
  3. the necessity of Evangelism as a public proclamation and personal witness to faith.

What We Believe

The Bible is the foundation upon which our church and ministries are built.


Altona Evangelical Church is a member of the Australian Fellowship of Bible-Believing Churches (AFBC).